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Carlo Fishing Charters: Further Information

What are the details?

We visit some pretty amazing locations as a part of our fishing charter and your trip can be tailored to suit. We run charters starting with a minimum of four nights away. Our most popular charters run for seven or ten days. 

Our charter bookings are private bookings for 16-20 guests, We have three deckhands/fishing guides whom are all keen fisherman and help guide guests to the better fishing spots.

Unlike other charter boats, we don’t just fish of the main vessel. The Carlo has 6 Aussie Whaler dories, which caters for 3 guests per dory. This allows for the guest to get in closer to reefs or up estuary’s to target Barramundi or Reef fish.

Who's on Board? 

The Carlo offers comfort and convenience in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Karl Kleimeyer the ship’s owner and master has 32 years’ experience, and Peter Kleimeyer (Karl’s son) is also a Captain and has been working within the business for years. This has been a family run business and Karl and Peter pride themselves on their personalized service, which can be seen through their long term clients, some who have been repeatedly coming fishing for 30 years.

What’s on board the Carlo? 

The Carlo is fully air-conditioned for your comfort and has all the equipment needed for a great fishing trip. Including; 


- DVD, CD, TV, Stereo

- BBQ on the top deck

- A well-frequented bar

- Full catering facilities

- Ample refrigeration

- Ice maker


6 x Aussie Whalers Dories are attached to the vessel helping guests get closer to the reef or up estuaries to target barramundi or reef fish.


What are the food options?

All meals are well catered for, with 3 meals per day, plus snacks. Baked dinners, seafood (fish, crabs, oysters), steaks on the BBQ and pasta are some of the options. Meal options can be discussed prior to your charter.


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